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The Journey Of An Idea

JUNE '19

We travelled around California, Vancouver, Boston, and NY. Our journey would later inspire the idea of X-LITE.

FEB '20

We dropped into an Entrepreneurship module and pitched the concept of a delicious, low calorie, and sugar-free alcohol product. We finished top of our class which proved that health-driven people wanted something different.

JUNE '20

We started developing our first prototypes, sampling them with our friends and family.


We were 1 of 10 lucky teams selected in Trinity College's Launchbox program. The program provided a fantastic opportunity to turn our ideas into reality.


We graduated from Trinity College Dublin. This is the point where we decided to put all of our energy into inspiring healthier relationships with alcohol.


We qualified for the prestigious Food Works Programme, run by Enterprise Ireland, Bord Bia, and Teagasc.

November' 22

We launched nationwide in Tesco Ireland!

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About us

We discovered that many alcohol products have the same sugar as 2x bars of dairy milk. I don't think anyone can say that fits into a balanced lifestyle. So we decided to make a Refreshing, Low-calorie, Sugar-Free alternative called X-LITE.


  We started X-LITE in college. We got incredible feedback, so we decided to stick with it. This demanded many nights of sleeping on the floor in a shared room, eating dry pasta, and driving to every corner of the country to get listings. It's been a challenging and exciting journey, and we wouldn't change it for the world.


Today, X-LITE is available in Tesco and Spar stores nationwide. But we are only beginning. In the future, our aim is to be the Number: 1 Sugar-Free RTD in Ireland, the UK and beyond. We invite you to join our journey, buckle up because it's going to be an exciting one!

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