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  • How many calories are in one can?
    X-LITE has ZERO SUGAR so our calories are super low! Although, each flavour is different. -Strawberry & Kiwi: 75 Cals -Ice Lemonade: 85 Cals -Sour Watermelon: 95 Cals
  • Which is the nicest flavour?
    They all taste incredible! Have a try of our selection pack :)
  • My order still hasn't arrived?
    Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery. If it still hasn't arrived please contact us, the postman may have been drinking a few X-LITE's on the job.
  • Is the product shipped outside of Ireland?
    Not at the moment, but hold tight!
  • Does X-LITE contain caffeine?
    Just like Coke, we use caffeine to add flavour to our products. We use only 25mg of caffeine per can. As always, we recommend you to enjoy X-LITE responsibly :)
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